• Orion 60W and 100W

    Orion 1m and 2m - 60W/100W - Type C cable

    Brand new to the market this swiveling and pivoting Type C cable allows fast charging on the angle. A similar design to the Vega and Stella cables this is the ultimate fast charge cable.

    The benefit of this 100W type C magnetic cable are you can fast
    charge all your devices including your laptop with this cable and a PD Orion 1m & 2m, 60W & 100W Distribution) charger.

  • 60W or 100W Super Nova

    New Type C cable for added efficiency. Replace your laptop power supply with a type C cable and PD power supply. Fast charge all your devices with the same cable from your laptop and tablet to your phone. Data and charge compatible. You require a PD (power distribution) charger to enable the full benefit of type C to type C charging. 60W available in 1m and 100W in 2m.

  • New Stella 3A Fast Charge

    Just landed the newly designed Stella 3A Fast Charge + Data cable in 1m or 2m options. With the same rotating and pivoting head as the Vega. As devices get more power hungry, so too do batteries and the chargers get bigger. Therefore the cables need increased capacity to handle the increased power. The Stella does all that plus is data capable.

  • The Lynx

    The Lynx is a Type C or Type A magnetic cable. Fast Charging and rated up to 60w this is one cable that can do it all. Perfect for Apple CarPlay or Android Auto magnetic connection. Its not cheap but it is the best. 1m or 2m available.

  • The Andro

    The Andro is a sleek no nonsense magnetic cable. Designed using soft yet durable braided nylon this cable is super durable and flexible. It can both charge your phone and transfer data, music or photos to/from your computer. A Rated at 3A Fast Charging + Data and 480kb/s. 1m or 2m lengths available in Red or Blue. The Andro has a 9 pin plug to ensure your device is charged ontime, everytime. Also works for Apple CarPlay and AndroidAuto

  • Las Vega! Magnetic Cable

    Glitzy and glowing, these flashing cables are a new addition to the Vega cable collection. 
    You wouldn’t want them in your bedroom at night as they will be like Las Vegas coming too. Cable shuts off when the device is fully charged which is a great visual cue that your device is ready to go!

  • "I love that having a Thors magnetic plug in all my devices allows me to have only 1 magnetic cable. Appeals to my minimalist desires"

    – Russell
  • Being that I am almost completely blind this product is great for me, no more fumbling round trying to plug in my charger plus the light on the cable is very handy. Fantastic product and service, supporting local is a bonus too!

    – Adrian
  • Great quality product. I`ve replaced my two chargers and cables (usb c/micro usb) with just one charger and one Thors cable. The different plugs allow me to connect different devices quickly and easily.

    – Peter
  • These magnetic cables are a game-changer for someone like me who keeps multiple devices on the go. The magnetic connection hooks up to the phone SUPER FAST. I only have to look at the blue LED light to know it's charging. Also, a HUGE thank you to Thors for excellent customer service! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!

    – Charlie
  • I have been looking for an extra long cable for a while. Finally they are here. Very handy if you need to charge your device and use it at the same time.

    – Ged
  • So good for your phone not having to plug charger in all the time. Easy to use in car too. Yay for Thors magnetic cables.

    – Jim
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