About Us

Who are Thors?

New Zealand born and bred, I am a rider, slider and glider. A slacker and a hacker (especially on a golf course). Upstream swimmer and downstream beer expert. Opinion on everything – expert at nothing. Collector of vegetarians and deluded arbiter of important disputes.

With a love of all things tech and an abiding passion for the outdoors, my life was disrupted by earthquakes, which then led me to product-based roles, dealing with good people in far-flung factories. These experiences gave me the insight to seek the ubiquitous products that can make your life easier and are game-changing.

I love innovative, exceptional products. Currently my focus is on quality magnetic cables especially for the adaptive technology sector. Life changing for blind, low vision people or people with disabilities or who suffer with arthritis, especially the elderly. Ease of use and quality being paramount.

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