Top 10 Features of Magnetic Cables

Top 10 features of Magnetic Charger Cables

  1. Simple to begin charging. A magnetic connection between cable and plug requires no finesse nor accuracy, just get the cable within 15mm and the connection will be made and charging will begin.
  2. Charge multiple devices with one cable. Swap from your iPhone lightning to your Kindle micro USB to your Samsung Type C. All you require is the magnetic plug in the device. One cable to rule them all!
  3. Prevent the charging port on your phone from wearing out by constantly having a plug pushed in and pulled out. Your device will last longer as a result.
  4. Make a sound connection every time. If your phone has already got a slightly worn charging port a magnetic plug will ensure that it charges every time, no more waking up to find your phone is only on 15% still.
  5. A magnetic plug in your charging port prevents dirt and other debris from getting in there and clogging it up. It protects and prolongs the life of your phone
  6. Easy, simple, and safe to use in your car. No more being distracted trying to drive and plug your phone in. Grab and go when you get out.
  7. Forgot the phone was plugged in? No more walking away while still charging and pulling the charger out of the phone. No longer a problem as the magnetic connection easily breaks free allowing the user to walk away without damaging the phone.
  8. Rotating swivel connection is easy to make and allows easy access to your phone as it will allow you to connect from any angle and continue to use your phone
  9. Fantastic for elderly or people with disabilities. Arthritis, and low vision is not an impediment to charging your phone once the magnetic plugs are in place.
  10. Subtle led light on the end shows you where the end of the cable is located and that there is power to it.  
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