What to look for in a new Charging Cable

All you need to know about best charging cable for iPhone

Phone charger cable is a central accessory for a smartphone since your phone is as well as useless if you have a flat battery.

Although you will find variously priced charging cables, it is essential to purchase a good quality, longer-lasting one. A cheap charger will not just diminish your phone's battery life, it'll also potentially damage your phone by overcharging. Buying a quality charging cable is therefore very important. The benefit of getting a quality magnetic charging cable with the additional features and benefits becomes instantly apparent.

A magnetic phone charging cable is an accessory that each smartphone user should have. If you're currently doubting, here are five reasons why you want the best charging cable for iPhone

  1. Durability: The magnetic phone charger cable features a braided nylon outer cover for strength and durability. Made from military-grade material, it is both tough and durable unlike cheap plastic covers on standard charging cords. It is going to save you the stress and money of buying charging cables regularly.
  2. Fast Charging: If your smartphone handles a fast charge, thors.co.nz magnetic cables deliver up to 3A. This will enable a quick boost to your device to top up the battery when driving. This works for the latest iPhone as well as on the latest USB type-c enabled devices.
  3. One cable for all your devices: The thors.co.nz Magnetic iPhone fast charging cable enables you to enjoy the benefit of utilizing just one cable to charge all your devices, regardless of whether iPhone, Android, or maybe Micro USB. You do not have to worry any longer about moving around with several cables. www.thors.co.nz one cable to rule them all!
  4. Flexibility and Ease of Use: No recharging cable is as adaptable as the thors fast charging cable for android. It is not difficult to use and extremely flexible. You do not have to wrestle with inserting the cable of yours into the phone at night as the magnetic plug is already inserted and there is a bonus discrete light on the end of the cable to show you in the dark where the charging point is.
  5. Data Transfer Between Laptop and Phone: The Stella model from thors.co.nz Magnetic iPhone charger doesn't just charge your devices but also enables your device to communicate information directly between the laptop of yours and your smartphone. Great for iPad to laptop connection and using a drone or Apple CarPlay or Android Auto.

Issues to think about when selecting a magnetic iPhone charger

  • The design of the cable is essential. You will have to consider elements like the durability of the cable material and its suitability of your telephone charging requirements, is it long enough or does it have the capacity to prevent overcharging? www.thors.co.nz has 1m and 2m cable options – great for use in the back of the car and reading from your device in bed.
  • The unique pivoting head and swivel connection of the Vega and Stella cables from www.thors.co.nz is unique and adds an exponential degree of usefulness to the magnetic charging cable. The cables also incorporate a small subtly light on the end to show the cable is powered up and ready for use.
  • Brand manufacturer, reputation, guarantee, and replacement policy. Thors cables all come with a 12 month no questions asked guarantee on the product to be free from any factory fault. Therefore, selecting a dependable charging cable company is essential. The top brands include UGI magnetic, KRIPT reversible, and Thors.

How does a magnetic charger work?

A magnetic lightning cable features powerful neodymium magnetic ends that transmit energy. The Thors magnetic charging cable functions by transferring power from the charger down the cable, out through the magnetic end connection to the magnetic plug which sits in the device. The magnetic charging cable also includes a unique induction coil that can help to create an alternating electromagnetic flow.

The magnetic plug in the phone passes the energy to the phone coil, which then converts the power back into the battery pack. This kind of charger is ideal for several types of settings. Many users are increasingly preferring this mode of charging since it's a much more flexible way to charge a multitude of possible devices.

To take advantage of this type of charging you will require a smartphone that can support the plug fitting and a Thors magnetic cable to deliver the power to the phone.

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