Which magnetic charging cable do I need?

One of the questions I frequently get asked is 'which is the best magnetic charging cable for me?' There are a number of factors which influence which cable you should choose:

1) Fast charging - if fast-charging is important to you, there are a number of fast-charging magnetic charging cables we sell: Stella, Andro, Lynx, Supernova and Orion. All other cables are suitable for people who tend to charge their phones overnight.

  • The Stella is the most user-friendly as it has the pivoting head - the other three are all fixed heads. 
  • The Supernova is a Type C cable - allows you to charge your laptop (using a PD charger) as well as your phone.
  • The Orion is a Type C cable same specifications as Supernova but with a pivoting head.
  • The Lynx is both Type C and Type A (convertible) cable.  This cable will charge your laptop (using a PD charger via the Type C connection) as well as a phone via the Type A or Type C charger.
  • The Andro is a cost-effective fast-charging option with a Type A fixed head.

2) Type C - this is the new standard for all chargers from 2024 onwards. Supernova, Orion, and Lynx are the magnetic charging cables I would recommend.

3) Pivoting/swivel-head - for people who want to use their phone for media while charging, a pivot head makes for a more comfortable experience.  Pivot heads are also more useful while charging in the car as it allows the phone to sit at different angles. The pivot head models we sell are either the Vega (charge only), Stella.(charge/data) or the Type C Orion (charge/data) The Stella is the fast-charge option of these two.

4) Charging phone from your laptop - you will need a Type C cable to do this.  The two options I sell are the Supernova, Orion, and the Lynx.

5) Affordability/Budget - if you're just looking for a cost-effective magnetic charging cable, the budget versions I sell are the Nova and the Nova Flex.

6) Data Transfer - We do sell cables with data transfer capability, however, the development of streaming technology and the large amounts of data that often require transfer these days make it difficult for the cables to keep up.  The data capacity of the cables I sell is 480 kbps, however, much of what people want to transfer (i.e. music/live-streaming maps) is data-heavy, hence the 480kbps data rate is not sufficient. If you only want to transfer photos, you could buy either the Stella or Orion (pivoting heads), Supernova, Lynx or Andro (all are fixed heads).

If you still need further help, feel free to send an email outlining your needs and I will send you my recommendations.


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