Why is a magnetic cable the right choice as you get older?

Why Magnetic charging cables are a great fit for seniors

  • Tired of trying to find the right charging cable for your different devices? 
  • Or do you struggle to insert the end of the cable into the charging port of your device?

These are complaints we come across from our senior customers regularly.  Often they own a range of devices, each with their own different charging cable to track down and, to make things trickier, trying to fit the end of the cable into the port can be frustrating if they have issues with eyesight or hand mobility.

The Thors magnetic charging cable system eliminates both of these problems.  Insert a magnetic plug into every device you own and thereafter one charging cable can charge any of the devices. As soon as you move your device near the cable, the two magnets find each other and start charging.  We have 3 different types of plugs that will cover 99% of all modern phones, cameras, bluetooth devices and tablets. 

The added benefit of this system is that once the magnetic plug has been inserted, you never need to worry about it again. The plug stays in your device 24/7 meaning you don't need the hassle of trying to insert the cable properly and the charging port of your device gets far less wear and tear too.  Furthermore, with a small LED light at the end of the cable, it's easy to find your charger in the dark.

You can watch this video on my website to see the cables in use.

Which type of cable do I need?

  • If you just need to simply charge your devices, we'd recommend the Vega Twins pack - keep one cable beside your bed and one in another room (or even in the car).  
  • If you need to transfer data across the cable as well as charge the device (for example, transferring photos), you could try the Orion Twins pack.  

Still need a bit more advice?  Feel free to send me a message via the contact page and I can call you to talk you through it, or email me directly thors.goods@gmail.com

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